Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simon Dawkins joins on

The Stars may have had a the week off, but that doesn't mean that nothing happened. The club finally shored up the paperwork to acquire Simon Dawkins in a move that released Chris Tierney to free agency. Dawkins will be eligible for the Week 3 lineup, which should be posted within the day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet success!

The Stars have won their first match in the BSL 4-2 over Capital District, and what a match it was! SCSC got the result on the back of goals from Diego Chaves and Jamie Smith as well as assists from Davide Chiumiento and Teemu Tainio.  Josh Wolff even knocked home an impressive finish, but was unable to qualify off of the bench. All in all, a very solid freshman performance from the boys. The Gunners made a decent showing, registering two assists, though the ruling on Sean Johnson's contribution is highly controversial.  SCSC gets a bye next week, a good chance to rest and ease into the season.

Chaves celebrates his first goal for Second City

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pre-game: Match week 1

Joe Cannon gets the start against
the Gunners
The BSL season is about kick off and everyone from the players to the management to the fans could not be more excited for Second City's inaugural matchup against Capital District.  The Gunners had a so-so 2010, but that doesn't mean you can count them out.  After all, they won the BSL Cup as recently as 2009 and have a roster loaded with talented players like captain Freddy Montero and Guatemalan international Marco Pappa.  Fans may be a bit surprised with the manager's decisions for the lineup this week, given that a few of the later-drafted players are starting ahead of the higher-drafted players. 

The most notable surprise is Joe Cannon getting the nod between the posts ahead of a relatively early pick, Bouna Coundoul. Coach Weimers explained, "The great thing about this team is the depth. We can play or sit guys based on how we feel about their week-to-week performances and aren't scrambling for replacements in the case of an injury scare like we have with Sal and Ousmane. Not to mention, having two rock solid goalkeepers is a huge plus as we can take each week's conditions into account."  The added emphasis on goalkeeping in the scoring system this season may make holding two keepers all the more important. Here is the lineup:

Joe Cannon

Position players
Brad Davis
Patrick Nyarko
Dax McCarty
Jamie Smith
Diego Chaves
Davide Chiumiento
Michael Stephens
Teemu Tainio

Josh Wolff
Sal Zizzo
Chris Tierney

Bouna Coundoul
Ousmane Dabo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The draft is here!

It's a busy day here at SCSC headquarters as we select this year's roster. Keep checking back here for updated on the picks:

First pick - Brad Davis

Second pick - Patrick Nyarko

Third pick - Bouna Coundoul

Fourth pick - Traded away for Dax McCarty in pre-season

Fifth pick - Jamie Smith

Sixth pick - Michael Stephens

Seventh pick - Diego Chaves

Eighth pick - Sal Zizzo

Ninth pick - Ousmane Dabo

Tenth pick - Josh Wolff

Eleventh pick - Chris Tierney

Twelth pick - Joe Cannon

Thirteenth pick - Teemu Tainio

Fourteenth pick - Davide Chiumiento

That's all, folks!